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Getting the best buck for your home

Blog by Vesna Molby | December 18th, 2012

With our market leveling off and more product about to present itself in the new year of 2013, here are some recommended ideas for standing out and making your home attractive for future buyers if you plan to sell:

Area:  One of the most profitable improvements you can make is to add the extra square footage that can be used as a bedroom or office.  And of course, never lose a room which would bring your value down.  For additions, you would definitely need permits from your local municipality.  Get an architect or designer to help which could save you money in the long run. You should also look at house prices in the local area to gauge how much an extra bedroom will add to the selling price.

First impressions start as soon as prospective buyers arrive outside your property so make sure you have a clutter-free driveway and if necessary buy a new doorknob and give the front door a new coat of paint. Outside space is a selling point so keep the garden well-maintained.

Inside, a paint job may add cost but combined with clean windows and a tidy home, buyers will see your home in its best possible light. Remember to de-clutter.

Which Room to start with: If you’re going to only improve one room, focus on the kitchen. This wouldn’t necessary involve replacing the entire room, but by simply clearing surfaces, replacing or painting the doors and replacing the handles could make a huge difference. Although a new great kitchen is important, statistics show that it rarely adds more than it costs.

Permits are worth investing in for potential buyers.  This can make your home easier to sell; if a buyer knows expansion was allowed and inspected, they may be more willing to pick your home. As well as the reassurance that all plumbing and electrical has been done to code safety measures.